Vehicle Cleaning Products

Wash Powders

  • MAX 222A - High performance detergent concentrate for year-round use. Contains special additives to enhance rinsability, even in the hot sun. The mobile wash professionals' choice. "Auto release" feature for use in recyle systems.
  • MAX 22GR - Economy and high performance, with extra hard water rinsability.
  • VIT 325 PLUS - High detergency concentrate, neutral yet powerful,optimized for mobile truck wash operations.
  • MAX PF - MAX 222A performance in a phosphate-free formulation.
  • MAX 3088 - High performance, higher alkalinity, detergent concentrate.
  • MAX AGS High performance phosphate free, glass and polished aluminium surface optimized.

All the above products are 100% active, dissolve quickly and completely, contain no free alkali, and are generally safe for all hard surfaces. Formulated for safe and efficient use in pressure cleaning systems.

Wash Liquids

  • VIT 695 - Neutral multipurpose concentrate, economical and paint safe.
  • VIT 695T - Boosted for use with higher soil loads and hard water.
  • AUTOSCRUB ECO P10 - High performance ECO FRIENDLY truck wash concentrate.
  • CAMLAV 307 - Highly built, phosphate-free, heavy duty formulation. Excellent for foaming.
  • CAMLAV LTX - Quick effect prespray diesel and road soot remover. Streak free washing compound.
  • CUTLASS HF - Excellent for cleaning Tarp-sided van surfaces. High foaming. Removes diesel soot.
  • AUTOSCRUB GOLD - Quick effect prespray diesel and road soot remover. Excellent general degreaser.
  • CAMLAV BTW High performance concentrate for brushless systems
  • CARCHEM 275 2 component (powder base and liquid booster) high performance system.
  • CARLAV 20 - Neutral high foam detergent concentrate.
  • EX-SEL - Winter optimized detergent system for quick removal of road salt deposits.
  • GRAFEX 50T - Graffitti remover optimized for sensitive vehicle surfaces.
  • AUTOMATE - High performance, low foam with unique "auto release" feature for recyle systems.

Please consult the CARLAV product guide for truck detailing products, such as interior cleaners and surface dressings.

Surface Brighteners and Degreasers

  • ALUBRITE PLUS - Acid-type aluminium brightener, effectively breaks through the tough oxide and corrosion films with foaming action.
  • MAB 2000 - Glass-safe milder surface oxide and corrosion film remover.
  • ENLEVEUR 755 BM - Alkaline-type aluminium brightener, Strong penetrating action removes road film and corrosion layers. Also used to boost alkalinity for cleaning solutions.
  • AUTOSCRUB 70 - Multipurpose degreaser, effectively penetrates and removes road film.
  • CUTLASS HF - Concentrated alkaline detergent blend, for heavy duty pressure washer applications.
  • VIT RAPIDE 600,700,900 - Heavy duty, motor shampoos and engine degreasers.
  • VIT RAPIDE 500N,700N,900N - Natural-based, high biodegradability motor shampoos and degreasers.
  • CAMLAV BR - Concentrated prepspray for quick removal of impacted insect residues.
  • TAREX Specialized tar, asphalt and heavy oil remover for transport and road service vehicles.
  • VITSOL TAR / HS series - Economy tar and asphalt removers for road work vehicles and equipment.
  • VITSOL DLS / NATTAR G - Natural system tar and asphalt removers (Nattar G is optimized for vertical surfaces).
  • VITTAL / VITTAL XP - Agriculture Canada Approved, cleaner degreaser with powerful germicidal action, for sanitizing and deoderizing food transport vehicles. Also excellent for ambulances and other medical support vehicles. Excellent for foam-type applications.
  • VIT STERIKLEEN Agriculture Canada Approved, foam application degreaser / sanitizer for meat transport vehicles.
  • CARCHEM 2853 - Latex Removal System 3 component (Detergent Conc., Alkaline Booster, Solvency Booster).
  • Cement Truck Cleaner - Inhibited Acid cleaner with indicator to remove cement deposits from trucks. Also available in low odour formulation CTC PAS LOC.