Institutional Specialties


  • NEUTROSCRUB - Mild unscented general purpose cleaner.
  • NEUTRO LF - Controlled foam general purpose cleaner with fruity scent, excellent for automatic scrubbers.
  • NEUTRO GOLD - Versatile, citrus reinforced neutral cleaner and light degreaser.
  • ACTOPINE - Multipurpose, pine based neutral cleaner, deoderizes as it cleans.
  • EX-SEL - High performance winter detergent, high tolerance of salt and calcium.
  • AUTOMATE - Low foam cleaner optimized for use in automatic scrubbers.
  • VIT C SPECIAL - Powdered neutral hard surface detergent, pine scented.
  • AUTOSCRUB 70 - Versatile cleaner and degreaser, excellent for food service and pressure washer use.
  • AUTOSCRUB GOLD - High performance citrus-based cleaner and degreaser.
  • AUTOSCRUB NB - Non-butyl hot water/pressure washer degreaser, low alkalinity and citrus odour.
  • AUTONET NB - Pine reinforced, heavy duty, butyl free degreaser.
  • AUTOSCRUB ECO & ECO P10 - Versatile cleaner and degreaser, excellent for food service and pressure washer use ECO LOGO Approved.

Floor Finishes & Sealers

  • VIT SUPREME - High solids self polishing and burnishable floor finish. 22.5% Dry solids.
  • VIT ST 462 - Medium solids self polishing finish.
  • VIT GLOSS - Buffable polish for resillient flooring and high traffic areas.
  • FANFARE Series - Economy series of floor finishes available in standard and custom solids levels.
  • E-777 - High performance spray buff for efficient finish restauration.
  • SEALITE - Acrylic polymer foundation/adhesion coat for hard floors.


  • SPEC STRIP SPECIAL - Versatile general purpose stripper and HD degreaser.
  • SPEC STRIP XD - High performance stripper for burnished floor finish.
  • VIT BLAST - Heavy duty stripper for difficult removal tasks.
  • TSB - Heavy duty stripper gel for vertical surfaces such as baseboards and stair risers.
  • AUTONET - Economy stripper and degreaser.


  • VITTAL XP - Wide spectrum QUAD quat, highly effective against viruses and HIV, excellent cleaning action as well.
  • VITTAL - Concentrated quat-based hard surface cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer, floral scent.
  • VIT E 610XD - Heavy duty, pine fortified, quat-based cleaner and sanitizer for washrooms and other intense odour applications.
  • NOROMA 25 - Quat-based, concentrated, disinfectant / sanitizer, unscented.

Odour and Spill Control

  • MAX 405 - Concentrated, heavy duty, spray / foam application sanitizer / deoderizer for garbage areas, garbage chutes, compactors etc.
  • SANI-MIST Floral - Bulk air freshener / sanitizer, floral scent
  • NOROMA 5 Bouquet - Deoderizing, sanitizing concentrate for spray application, floral scent
  • LEMONAIRE - Concentrated, citrus scented deoderizer, for heavy duty applications, can also be used to add a pleasant odour to detergents
  • CONTROLE - Adsorbant crystals with strong odour masking properties, for use in garbage areas, for treatment of bio-fluids, decayed food etc.
  • CONTROL XP - High performance absorbant for immediate treatment of spills of bodily fluids on all surfaces, removes beverages from carpets.
  • CONTROL XNR - High performance absorbant for immediate treatment of spills of bodily fluids on all surfaces, contains chlorine sanitizer.
  • VIT SAUNA PLUS - Blend of natural oils and emulsifiers for fresh smelling saunas.

Graffitti Removers

  • CARCHEM 745 - Wipe-on solvent for light graffitti caused by inks, crayon and light sprays.
  • GRAFEX - Viscous heavy duty, safety enhanced, remover for many types of paint and markings on vertical surfaces.
  • GRAFEX 50T - Optimized for graffiti on plastic surfaces.
  • VIT GRAF 3683 - High performance water-based remover optimized for concrete and masonry surfaces, low odour, enviro friendly.
  • FLUSH OFF - Viscous heavy duty, fast action, remover for paint type graffitti on vertical surfaces.


  • NP Toilet Bowl Reg - Heavy duty cleaner, rust and scale remover for toilet and urinal bowls, pleasant cherry scent.
  • NP Toilet Bowl D&D - Mint scented, clinging, powerful cleaner and sanitizer for toilet and urinal bowls.
  • NP DRAIN CLEANER - Heavy duty alkaline powder for efficient removal of blockages in drains, heat and physical working.
  • VIT FLO - Heavy duty acid type, drain cleaner, chemically dissolves blockages, inhibited.
  • NETTAL - Fast working, wipe-on / wipe-off tarnish remover for copper, brass etc.
  • METAL POLISH - Non abrasive metal polish.
  • VIT SS CLEANER - Efficient remover for light soil and oily films from stainless steel and ornamental metal surface, leaves protective film.
  • POOL CLEANER 3266 - Cleaner/degreaser for removing oil/residue rings at water level. Water removal not required. Pool chemistry compatible.