Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

Alkaline Heavy Duty Water-Based Liquids

  • VIT 2938 - Economy pressure degreaser.
  • AUTONET - Economical pressure degreaser and multipurpose cleaner.
  • AUTONET HDX - Heavy-Duty version of AutoNet for use as a solvent replacement.
  • AUTONET NB - General purpose non-butyl cleaner and degreaser.
  • AUTOSCRUB 70 - High performance, versatile multipurpose degreaser and cleaner. AR
  • AUTOSCRUB NB - High performance, non-butyl pressure cleaner/degreaser optimized for underground use.
  • AUTOSCRUB GOLD - Natural-based biodegradeable, multifunction high performance degreaser/cleaner. AR
  • AUTOSCRUB GOLD BCT - Natural-based biodegradeable, fortified multifunction high performance degreaser. AR
  • AUTOSCRUB ASGX - Natural solvent fortified, high performance for pressure and autoscrubber use.
  • AUTOSCRUB USC* - Metal safe, optimized for ultra sonic cleaning systems. * Full Series of Products Available
  • CARCHEM 783 - Highly alkaline, optimized for pressure and steam cleaning systems.
  • CUTLASS HF - High foam, alkaline degreaser/cleaner, for pressure systems.
  • SPEC STRIP SPECIAL - High performance cleaner. Excellent rubber remover for concrete runways and floors.
  • VIT NET - Optimized for steam/pressure cleaning systems.
  • VITNET Plus - Alkaline fortified for enhanced performance.
  • ENLEVEUR 755 BM - High performance, alkaline degreaser for pressure systems.
  • AUTOSCRUB ECO - EcoLogo approved degreaser.

Non-Alkaline Water-Based Liquids

  • NEUTRO GOLD - Low alkalinity, medium duty degreaser, multifunction natural-based cleaner. AR
  • EXSEL - Mildly acidic, light duty degreaser and general cleaner.
  • SELSOLVE - Mildly acidic, light duty degreaser, scum remover and general cleaner, low odour.
  • AUTOSCRUB IRC - Replacement for petrochemical-based solvents, for ink removal and spray degreasing.
  • ACTOPINE - Light duty degreaser, synthetic pine cleaner.
  • AUTOMATE - Low foam, light duty degreaser. Excellent in autoscrubbers and closed recycle systems. AR

Alkaline Powders

  • VIT INDUSTRIAL - Heavy duty, optimized for steam/pressure cleaning systems.
  • VIT INDUSTRIAL M - Heavy duty for hot tank degreasing applications.
  • VIT 300 Plus - Pine fortified, heavy duty cleaner. Concrete floor degreaser. AR
  • MAX 3088 - Heavy duty general purpose hot water/pressure cleaner.
  • VIT 1327 - Ultra low foam, metal safe, optimized for high pressure, recycling closed spray systems. AR

Non-Alkaline Powders

  • VIT C - Special Light duty degreaser, multipurpose cleaner
  • VIT 325 Plus - High foam, multi purpose, pressure washer cleaner. Excellent for vehicles. AR
  • MAX 222A - Medium foam, rinse enhanced, high performance pressure cleaner. AR
  • MAX PF - Phosphate free, high performance pressure cleaner. AR

Please see the solvent data sheet for solvent based degreasers and motor shampoos

AR - indicates that the product contains "auto release" additives that enhances oil separation in recycle systems and oil separators.